Cotton Pygmy-goose


Scientific Name: Nettapus coromandelianus
Common Name: Cotton Pygmy-goose
Other Names: Cotton teal, White-quilled pygmy goose

Identifying Features: Males have a dark brown forehead and crown, back and wing coverts are dark brown with green and purple gloss, female has a duller cap and a brown line through the eye, males have a blackish green broad collar at the base of neck while females have spots, both have red iris, black legs and bill.

Fun Facts: 

  • Small individuals of this species are the smallest waterfowl on earth.
  • They fly swiftly, often low over water, and are agile enough to escape falcons.
  • They were hunted with shotguns especially in British India.


This image was clicked by Wokoti – via Flickr.

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