About Birdwatcher @delhigreens Web-App

Birdwatcher @delhigreens Web-app is an interactive and pictorial inventory of all birds recorded in Delhi. The pictorial inventory is categorized based on types of birds found in Delhi. This web-app will come in handy for learning about birds, and for making quick bird identification for beginners.

Wake up to the birds around you and share your sightings with us in the comment section of each bird page!

Bird Watcher @delhigreens

Bird Identification:

The Birdwatcher @delhigreens Web-app makes the tedious process of bird identification simpler and innovative. You can make a simple word based query to find possible matches. All you have to do is to enter the keywords i.e. the characteristics of the bird that you, and the web-app will return with possible matches along with image(s) that will help you identify the bird you just spotted!



birdwatcher @delhigreensThe Birdwatcher @delhigreens Web-app is built with a no-code approach using WordPress CMS as the framework. The data/ checklist of birds of Delhi was obtained from Delhi Bird Network through Nikhil Devasar. The list was populated in the Web-app after collecting images from known birders, ornithologists and from Creative Common images available over the Internet. The images represent the male bird, subsequently female and juvenile bird images will also be added. All images are duly credited to the original photographer. The Web-app has an active content removal policy. Any person can write to birdwatcher@delhigreens.org and get their image removed. All such images are replaced with images from the Delhi Greens database.

The Web-app encourages users to leave their comments about where they have spotted a bird in Delhi and any other interesting insight about each bird species.

Project Team:

The project is led by Dr. Govind Singh and the project team comprises, over different time periods, summer online and academic interns. These include, among others, Apurva Chhabra, Deeksha Gahlot, Swapandeep, Taniya and Aayushi.


The project is dedicated to Shivali and to all children and youth of today, who prefer to hold binoculars and digital cameras over phones and selfie sticks.


This Web-app and all work included in it is shared under the terms of Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International (CC BY-NC-SA 4.0) license.


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