Greylag Goose

Scientific Name: Anser anser
Common Name: Greylag Goose

Identifying Features: Orange or pink bill, pink legs and feet, large in size, bulky body, a thick and long neck, large head, greyish brown feathers, darker head and paler breast

Fun Facts:

  • They have become an invasive species in several areas. As a consequence, farmers’ problems caused by goose grazing on farmland has increased considerably.
  • They tend to pair bond in long-term monogamous relationships. Most such pairs are probably life-long partnerships, though 5 to 8% of the pairs divorce and re-mate.
  • In Ancient Egypt, geese symbolised the sun god Ra. In Ancient Greece and Rome, they were associated with the goddess of love.
  • Back then, their feathers served to fletch arrows. Goose feathers were used as quill pens as well.


This image was clicked by Edmund Kennerley – via Flickr.

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