Lesser Goldenback

Scientific Name: Dinopium benghalense
Common Name: Lesser Goldenback
Other Name: Black-rumped flameback, Lesser golden-backed woodpecker,barbets, kæralaa or kottoruwa (in Sinhala)

Identifying Features: Golden yellow wing coverts, rump is black, underparts are white,black throat finely marked with white, head is whitish, adult male has a red crown, female has red only on the rear head region.

Fun Facts:

  •  It is one of the few woodpeckers that are seen in urban areas.
  • This species is normally seen in pairs or small parties and sometimes joins mixed-species foraging flocks.
  • This bird appears in a 4.50 rupee Sri Lankan postal stamp. It also appears in a 3.75 Taka postal stamp from Bangladesh.


This image was clicked by PSeubert – via Flickr.

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