Indian Pitta

Scientific Name: Pitta brachyura
Common Name: Indian Pitta 
Other Name: Naorang, Shumcha, Hariyo, Kaachul, Polanki pitta, Kavi, Avichchiya

Identifying Features: buff coloured crown stripe, black eye-strip, white throat and neck, upperparts are green, blue tail, underparts buff, bright red on the lower belly and vent

Fun Facts:

  • Although very colourful, it is usually shy and hidden in the undergrowth where it picks insects on the forest floor.
  • The word ‘pitta’ is derived from the Telugu language meaning ‘small bird’.
  • They have a habit of calling once or twice, often with neighbouring individuals joining in, at dawn or dusk leading to their common name of “Six-O-Clock” bird in Tamil.


This image was clicked by Koshy Koshy – via Flickr.

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