Common Teal

Scientific Name: Anas crecca
Common Name: Common Teal
Other Names: Eurasian teal, Eurasian green-winged teal

Identifying Features: Males have grey body, dark head,  yellowish behind, white stripe, head and upper neck is reddish brown, iridescent dark green patch near eyes, breast is light brownish with small round brown spots, feet are dark grey in males and greyish olive or greyish-brown in females, females have brown body, white breast.

Fun Facts:

  • It is a highly gregarious duck outside the breeding season and can form large flocks.
  •  Diurnal throughout the breeding season, in winter they are often crepuscular (active primarily during twilight) or even nocturnal feeders.


This image was clicked by jjulio2311 – via Flickr

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