Common Kestrel

Scientific Name: Falco tinnunculus
Common Name: Common Kestrel
Other Name: European kestrel, Eurasian kestrel, Old World kestrel

Identifying Features: grey head, brown plumage, black spots on back, buff underside with black streaks, brown tail, female heavily barred

Fun Facts:

  • The kestrel is sometimes seen, like other birds of prey, as a symbol of the power and vitality of nature.
  • The Pathan name for the kestrel, Bād Khurak, means “wind hover” and in Punjab it is called Larzānak or “little hoverer”.
  • It was once used as a decoy to capture other birds of prey in Persia and Arabia.


This image was clicked by Pradeepkumar Devadossvia Flickr.

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