Rock Pigeon

Scientific Name: Columba livia
Common Names: Blue Rock Pigeon, Rock Dove, Rock Pigeon
Other Name: Kabutar

Identifying Features: bluish grey body, red legs and feet, iridescent feathers on neck, green and purple neck, black bands on grey wings.

Fun Facts:

  • Pigeon has saved thousands of human lives during I and II World War by carrying messages.
  • Many religious groups including Hindus, Sikhs and Muslims feed Pigeons for various religious reasons.


This image was clicked by Wayne Kennedy – via Flickr

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1 thought on “Rock Pigeon”

  1. Ujala

    They have extraordinary magnetoreception! They can orient and navigate themselves back to their homes tracing earth’s magnetic field, no matter where you take them! I wish I had that property, but gotta deal without it.
    It is this quality which made them useful as messengers!

    Chennai is country’s capital for pegion racing which started in 1940s in Kolkata.

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