Egyptian Vulture

Scientific Name: Neophron percnopterus
Common Name: Egyptian Vulture
Other Name: White scavenger vulture, Pharaoh's chicken

Identifying Features: dull white plumage, yellow face, wedge shaped tail, pinkish legs, hooked beak

Fun Facts:

  • Studies suggest that they feed on ungulate faeces to obtain carotenoid pigments responsible for their bright yellow and orange facial skin.
  •  Legend has it the vultures (or “eagles”) represented eight sages who were punished by Shiva, with two of them leaving in each of a series of epochs.
  • A southern Indian temple at Thirukalukundram was famed for a pair of birds that reputedly visited the temple for “centuries”. These birds were ceremonially fed by the temple priests.


This image was clicked by Senthil Kumar Damodaran – via Flickr.

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