Common Hawk Cuckoo

Scientific Name: Hierococcyx varius
Common Name: Common Hawk Cuckoo
Other Name: Brainfever bird

Identifying Features: size similiar to that of pigeon, ashy grey above; whitish below, yellow eye ring, brown belly

Fun Facts:

  • Like many other cuckoos these are brood parasites, laying their eggs in nests of babblers.
  •  Interpretations of the bird’s call include piyaan kahan in Hindi (“where’s my love”) or chokh gelo (in Bengali, “my eyes are gone”), moi keteki in Assamese (“I am Keteki”, Keteki being the Assamese name for the bird) and paos ala (Marathi, “the rains are coming”).


This image was clicked by Imran Shahvia Flickr.

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