Black Ibis

Scientific Name: Pseudibis papillosa
Common Name: Black Ibis
Other Names: Red-naped ibis, kālakaṇṭak, anril, karankal, nella kankanam, kālā buza

Identifying Features: bare dark head, red crown, white patch on shoulder, dark brown body, pinkish legs, long bill

Fun Facts:

  • Unlike other ibises, it is not very dependent on water and is often found in dry fields a good distance away from water.
  • In British India, indigo planters considered them useful as they appeared to consume a large number of crickets in the fields.
  • The Tamil Sangam literature mentions a bird called the “anril” which was described as having a curved bill and calling from atop palmyra palms


This image was clicked by Partha Mukherjee – via Flickr.

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