Barred Buttonquail

Scientific Name: Turnix suscitator 
Common Name: Barred Buttonquail
Other Name: Common bustard-quail

Identifying Features: Chin, throat and breast closely barred with black, blue-grey bill and legs, yellowish white eyes, above portion brown, rusty and buff from below, female larger and more richly coloured with throat and middle of breast black.

Fun Facts:

  • Absence of hind toe distinguishes Bustard and Button quails from true quails.
  • Differs from true quails chiefly in the female being polyandrous. She fights with other females for the possession of a cock, uttering a loud drumming drr-r-r-r-r as a challenge to rival hens and also to announce herself to a cock.


This image was clicked by Amit Sharma.

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